ScanImage® Docs

ScanImage® is a software package for controlling laser scanning microscopes. The application was first released in 2003 and the original version (r3.0) is described in Pologruto et al., Biomedical Engineering Online, 2003. See this list of papers that are enabled by ScanImage®.

ScanImage® uses the powerful vDAQ hardware for microscope control. For legacy systems, National Instruments hardware is also supported.

ScanImage® runs on custom built microscopes and on commercial microscopes from Scientifica, Sutter and Thorlabs. ScanImage® provides software drivers for controlling mechanical and optical devices from a wide variety of vendors.


For legacy ScanImage® documentation (SI2019 and older), our documentation archive can be found here.

Getting started

The main documentation for the site is organized into the following sections:

Learn about ScanImage, how to set up a microscope, and how ScanImage® uses configured devices.

Learn about how to use ScanImage® features.

Solutions for common problems.


Reference these pages to facilitate understanding of other content or learn about additional software related to ScanImage.