Miscellaneous Devices

Miscellaneous “Devices” are really software tools that are outside the scope of normal image acquisition.

ScanImage Driver


Generic Actuator

General purpose linear scanner with user defined units.

Print 3D

Tool for raster stimulating/ablating in 3D one layer at a time using a stack of bitmap images to mask laser power.

Tip Tilt

Implementation to allow for oblique scanning (imaging planes not orthogonal to the optical axis of the microscope) via use of a very fast fastZ device.

User Buttons

Create a widget with push buttons whose callbacks are user defined MATLAB functions.

Data Recorder

Device for recording from vDAQ analog inputs along with or apart from acquisition

Waveform Generator

General purpose waveform generator for outputting generic or user defined analog or digital (TTL) waveforms on the vDAQ.

Externally Triggerable Scripting

Trigger user defined scripts from externally provided digital signals.